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Donate now to support our cause!

Your donation helps to keep the RRC open 24/7 providing immediate help and support for anyone struggling with addiction


The Recovery Resource Center is a local, life-saving non-profit dedicated to addressing the recovery needs of those who struggle with addiction. Often, the journey towards recovery begins at an inpatient or outpatient facility. After completing clinical treatment, the recovering individual needs to learn how to rejoin the community. That means changing patterns of behavior, learning new life skills, and becoming a contributing member of society. At the Recovery Resource Center, we help with that re-integration. 365 days a year, we provide a safe space for the recovering individual to learn valuable life-skills, while building a fundamental network of support. With recovery services and educational workshops such as employment readiness, parenting classes, 12-step meetings, and various engaging activities, we stand resolute as the center of the recovery community in Salisbury, Maryland.